Landlords From Hell

You have the right to know the name of the landlord or managing agent involved in the irresponsible management of properties, in order to make informed decisions on which landlord to rent from.


This man is unbelievable, he comes across a caring landlord wanting to help and support. When in fact is is a dirty,lazy lying, two faced shitbag. He never deals with faults or problems straight a way. He is always too busy or out of the area. My washing machine leaked, phoned him, he said he was not in the area and would sort ASAP. Then I saw him an hour later on bus!! He is cheap, nosey and forever crashing the apartment for no good reason. Over holiday period other tenants in house said that he comes and goes into all apartments day and night!! His apartments are damp, smelly , over priced and crap. Once you sign on the dotted line your life is never the same, you have signed to hell and his poor Italian mother is the devil. Bills are very high as he wants heating on all the time to dry the mould damp out.Do not rent from this man as you will regret forever.made my health and life shit, broke up from girlfriend as he always checking that no one stayed a total bastard.BE AWARE LANDLORD FROM HELL.


Erlon Moura

This man is a no-good crooked little rat. He seems nice at first but then he sucks you in and you enter into the “world of Erlon” and you become trapped!
He advertises on Gumtree, over 50 council houses all across South London being rented illegally with 8 or more people crammed into 3 and 4 bedroom flats in squalled conditions. He runs a completely illegal operation for another mysterious man by the name of “Mr Vermin” otherwise just simply known as “The Boss”. They are a Brazilian crime gang, doing money laundering, drugs as well as the houses.
He left us for over two weeks with no running water, brings drug dealers to the flats, people coming and going at every hour of the day or night, flat was flooded and water coming in the windows when ever it rained. You call him up but Moura does not care. All he wants is your money and if you do not pay or attempt to leave he will threaten to “send his boys over to rough you up”. This man is a dangerous criminal and a thug and a complete joke. All I want to say is NEVER GO THERE AND DONT EVER TRUST HIM!!! AVOID, AVOID AVOID!!!!!

A Hell Called Dave Wells Properties

The story below and have already sent a letter to dozens of lawyers, public organizations however, no one helped me at all … Sad to recklessness, greed and neglect, a Landlord nearly resulted in death (in tension pneumothorax) my daughter (6 years), an infection by fungi in the eyes of my wife and infection in the penis my son (8 years) extremely sore and risk of eminete grangrena due to a severe paraphimose.

This is a summary of the facts of what has happened to my family from 18/08/2010.
I, Dissandro Silva Santos, 38 years old, am a Portuguese/Brazilian citizen, married to Kelma A. Viriato Santos, 30 years old, a Portuguese/Brazilian citizen, father of two children, Diekell Viriato Santos, 10 years old, a Portuguese/Brazilian citizen and Mellody Viriato Santos, 9 years old, a Portuguese/Brazilian citizen.
I arrived with my family in the United Kingdom on June/2010.

We went through a roll of interviews and meetings with the Council in order to try moving from the room that we had temporarily rented, without a contract. We were asked to do leave the room through a letter, which can be confirmed by the Council office.We went to those meeting in company of a friend, Julio Juliani (JD Wetherspoons Manager), who was helping us with the translation, because we did not have the knowledge of the English language by that point. On 17/08/2010 we went for an interview at the Council office in Bournemouth with the Social work area to try to rent a house with the housing benefit help. On this day we were guaranteed the right to rent a house from xxx xxxx Properties. It was agreed that the Council Office would help with the rent (house benefit) and the BCHA would pay the required deposit. The social agent then arranged a visit to xxx xxxx Properties. We were received by Jo Roberts, and in the office there were many folders with different colours where each one represents a different kind of propertie. The yellow one was the one showed to us, as the only available property. One of the Dave Wells’ members of staff drove us there. As soon as we arrived we noticed some health and safety disagreements, like the stove did not work, electrical box was located in the living room exposed and without any safety, 1 meter from the floor. The heating system was not working and the heating appliances were not safe, one of the room’s windows did not close, pieces of wall and paint falling on the bed, and loads of dust everywhere.

Upon returning to the office we asked Jo Roberts about any other available properties because we were worried about the safety of our children in that house. She then gave us a number, and said that all the issues that we may have found in the house could be fixed, and if we keep our payment up-to-date we could in the future move to a different property. She also said that was a temporarily house and that we did not had many options due to our “homeless” status. Facing that situation we realised that that was the only option we had and because of the hard time we were going through we would accept the conditions if the issues were fixed. Jo Roberts then filled out a yellow form (housing benefit) from Council, she asked for our passports and made a last call to the Council Office. After that we left the xxxx xxxxx office with the keys for the property that was supposed to be fixed.

We did not move in promptly. My wife went there the day after to clean the property and to wait for the arranged fixings. After a few days a xxxxx xxxxxx member of staff showed up to teach us how to use the boiler, on the day after the new stove arrived, but it was not installed because it was faulty. The days were going by and nothing had been done until it got to the time when we absolutely had to leave the room that we were living in before. Even against my wishes on the 29/08/2010 I had to move in with my family to the property located on Flat C, 57 Walpole Road, BH1 4HB.

Every day after work I used to stop by the xxxx xxxxx’s office to ask when they were going to come fix the things that were agreed on. Day after day new issues were being found as the kitchen sink was blocked, the bath was broken, the toilet sink was loose, cold air coming from the window that does not shut. Jo Robert gave us a phone number to speak with the right people that could fix all the things that had been agreed on. As an example I described by drawing the heating appliances that were not properly supported by screws, but by some sort of glue and because of that, the appliance was unlevelled with the wall (see photos) When rent day was approaching they sent a worker to unblock the kitchen sink, but that was it, he did not fix anything else. By this time I was extremely worried about the seriousness of xxxx xxxxxx Properties and I began to register photos when xxxx xxxxx sendt any person to the property, and also drunk workers at 9am. My wife was always alerting our children about all the risks.

The accident day 15/12/2010

On the 15th of December my wife was organizing the house to prepare to put up Christmas decorations. As usual the children are always excited about this time of year. They were back from school and went to drop off and organise their books, school clothes, and bags in their room. Their mom always suggested leaving the bags on the bed. Mellody, who was 6 years old and 17kg, wanted to put her bag on the clothes hanger located behind the door, where she did not reach. In an impulse reaction she stepped over the radiator (heating appliance) behind the door and set the bag on the hanger. After that she heard a noise and she realize that it was the radiator that was breaking out from the wall and she jumped off of it. That moment the radiator fell down to the floor and Melody fell with it. As an inertial movement from the fall she bent backward, and that was when the piece of iron from the radiator stabbed her on the back breaking one rib and piercing her lung. She, even 6 years old and injured, managed to get free from the piece which stabbed her, passed in between the little space left in between the radiator and the door, went down the stairs to implore help for her mom, who stopped everything when she heard the desperate child. Kelma applied pressure to the injury and instantly asked for help next door, where Mr. Niguel called the ambulance, which arrived in less than 3 minutes to save my daughter’s life. There were 22 hours in between hospitals and exams; the diagnostic was pneumothorax tension, the most serious injury of the kind on lungs. My daughter was kept 22 hours with the injury opened, without food and drink, waiting for a surgery intervention. Around 3, 4 o’clock her heart beat started to decrease, her lungs collapsed and we felt that she was about to die in front of us and our soon, when an interpreter told us that they would make an intervention. With two syringes they sucked the extra air out of her lungs and took her to the surgery room. And thanks God and the competence of the doctor, after hours she was saved.
On 16/12/10 the police asked permission to contact xxxx xxxxx to visit the scene, the neighbours said that the house was surrounded by people, police, Dave Well’s staff and employees from the gas company. On 17/12/10 the social advisor or nursery manager from the hospital called the Dave Wells and said to repair the heating facilities because my daughter was coming back home. At the beginning she was supposed to stay at the hospital for 6 weeks under medical observation and treatment to avoid any risk of infection. After 1 hour and half the xxxx xxxxx agency had done what took 2.880 hours, 120 days or 4 months. After arriving back home we placed Mellody’s bed and our mattresses in the leaving room, and that was the only place where we could stay with a minimum of peace after the psychological shock that we went through. Xxx xxx neglected the property repairs for 4 months (premeditated crime) and 6 months (ongoing crime). Month after month, the property became even worse, the mould spread all over the house, mainly in the kitchen. We used to buy bread in the morning and in the afternoon they were already taken by mould. Until march Dave Wells said that we did not ask for any repairs in the property and that was when I contacted Levens Solicitor, a layer company that could help us with the language barrier as well, but at the end of the day they did not help on anything but to answer emails from Alliance (I have the emails and replies) The person who used to take care of our case, Juliana Inacio, left the company and went back to Brazil, after that I did not hear from her anymore. After March xxxx xxxxx declared in front of me and my witnesses that they could not do anything because I had sued them. When I said that I would not pay the rent until I get the issues fixed, they sent people to take a look at the issues but, at the end of the day nothing happened. I asked for help from many companies and corporations, social advisors, BCHA, Environmental Health & Safety (Richard Fake), social workers (Kelly Bud and Debbie Urquhart, Council, and others, but nobody helped us. And that’s when a tragic fact happened: my wife KELMA ALMEIDA VIRIATO SANTOS, caught an eye infection caused by mould that reflected in many ways on her health, such as her breathing, coughs, headaches, skin problems and sickness. The GP’s doctor prescribed antibiotics and eyewash for the infection.

After days, on the 03/06/11 my son, only 8 years old caught an infection on his penis. I tried a lot of cleaning and hygiene but nothing worked. I notice that his penis was expelling a whitey secretion like pus. I took him to the GP and again the doctor prescribed antibiotics. After leaving the doctor I went do xxxx xxxx , to tell them that I needed a solution for the problems that were being found and happening in the property, but nothing was done about it. On this same day my son’s situation got worse and the infection spread through the skin outside of his penis, causing a lot of suffering and I had to take him to the hospital, where he was treated with morphine and anaesthesia, he was diagnosed with paraphimosis. After that I left the hospital and headed toward Dave Wells to let them know that because of them I had another child in the surgery room, and that was when they again insisted on their position saying that I had never asked for anything to be fixed in the flat. Even thought when I showed the proof of emails they found another excuse, and lies to stand on (see Felicity Pavey).

They said that to start the property repairs they only needed my authorization. I tried to make it clear to them that there were many problems in the house and that it would be hard to live in a place full of people working, but I still said to them to do whatever they thought would be better. After that I ended up finding a property with a private landlord where I moved in on 07/06/2011. I want to highlight the fact that I did not move out while I was waiting for their answer, and also because I could not afford it by that time, and when I had the money the Estate Companies said no to me. That was a lot of suffering that still reflect on my family’s quality of life, due to the injustice and wickedness that we went through.

What I need: The justice of an honest professional, serious and capable that can guide this process with the law. the worst landlord in LA

Peter Baer, the owner of Strategic Acquisitions, is a landlord from hell.

I live in prestigious Beachwood Canyon where the Hollywood sign sits.

This landlord has so much contempt for his tenants that he has no contact with us. We are simply rent checks to him. That’s okay by me as long as he follows the law. Well, this month Peter Baer did not follow the landlord / tenant law.

He embarked on a major construction project involving all 14 units without any notice or direction. He used 24 hour notice signs every day of this month to access our units. This is/was untenable.

I suppose he thinks we should be happy that our water is no longer rusty, in that, he installed copper pipes. I am, but please treat us like humans and not cattle.

This divide between the rich and poor is outrageous and favors the most unconscious greedy worms of the world. I suppose, when Jesus said the meek shall inherit the earth, he knew there is only death by fire for the elite.

I have been so tortured by this major construction project, that I’ve started having panic attacks. My home should be safe; and it is not. I’ve learned this month that the landlord can come in every single day if he wants to.

Grattan Estates

Finding a house to rent these days is a stressful process. It’s expensive, properties can get swept out from under your feet in moments, and the perfect house can be near impossible to find. So what if your letting agent is lying to you (about more than just their name) and breaking the law in the process? Well that’s an added struggle that nobody needs.

Rogue Traders: Grattan Estates

After weeks of fruitless flat-hunting, Lizzie Davies and Claire Coldwell found their ideal place to rent in London, with a company called Grattan Estates. They paid a substantial holding deposit to take the property off the market. They were given a receipt, which confirmed that the monthly rent was £400 per week.

However, when they went back to sign the tenancy agreement they noticed that the rent had been inexplicably raised by £100 per week. They refused to sign.

Grattan Estates claimed that the rent had always been the higher figure. But as Lizzie and Claire couldn’t afford it they were left without a flat. They were initially promised a refund of their deposit, but six months on and they are still waiting for the grand total of £2,723.

After Lizzie got in contact with the Rogue Traders team, they decided to secretly film a meeting between her and Grattan Estates – to get to the bottom of why her deposit had not been refunded.

Employee Adam (who took Lizzie’s money and drew up her contracts) denied all responsibility for returning her money. In the secretly filmed meeting, he said that Lizzie’s money was with the previous owner of the company. He also said that the new manager of Grattan Estates called ‘Sam’ would call Lizzie.

However, the Rogue Traders team knew that ‘Sam’ didn’t exist. In fact the person responsible for Grattan Estates – a man called Mostafa Shahnavaz – was sitting silently throughout the meeting.

What else was this company misleading consumers about?

As well as lettings, Grattan Estates also have a host of properties advertised for sale. But they are not permitted to sell property, as they’re not signed up to an Ombudsman Service.

So they seem to be breaking the law.

But, when the Rogue Traders team made several attempts to view these properties advertised as for sale, the team were told they were ‘no longer available’.

So the team decided to contact some of the homeowners. They discovered that the homeowners had never heard of Grattan Estates, let alone marketed their houses for sale with them.

That means the adverts were fake.

The team decided to find out more about how Grattan Estates operate. What would they find?

They sent in undercover researchers ‘Sarah’ and ‘James’ to view a few rental properties.

The undercover researchers were greeted by none other than manager of Grattan Estates – Mostafa Shahnavaz, who confusingly introduces himself as ‘Martin’.

Undercover researcher ‘Sarah’ showed that she was interested in one of the flats, and so the very next day went into the Grattan office to put down a holding deposit. She explained that she could not afford to pay the required £700 upfront, and so asked to put down £300 to hold the flat whilst she raised the rest of the cash.

Mr Shahnavaz and Adam assured ‘Sarah’ that, not only will they not show the flat to anyone else, they would take the property off the market.

All seemed well and good, except that the next working day Mr Shahnavaz showed another undercover researcher ‘Sam’ the very same property. And later that day, Adam of Grattan Estates was more than happy to accept a full £700 deposit from ‘Sam’.

But during that same time, ‘Sarah’ had transferred the remaining £400 of her deposit to Mr Shanavaz, who still failed to mention anything about another interested tenant.

Within the space of 24 hours, Grattan Estates had taken two deposits of £700, from two different people – promising both of them the property.

Estate Agent and industry expert Henry Pryor explains that that this kind of behaviour is ‘…outrageous. It’s scandalous. It’s why the industry has the shabby reputation that it does.’

To expose the dealings of this company, the Rogue Traders team set up a conveniently timed meeting between two undercover teams.

When ‘Sam’ and his flatmate ‘Ben’ went in to deliver some paperwork to the Grattan office, ‘Sarah’ just happened to be there, doing the exact same thing. The situation came to a head when Mostafa realised that the two ‘prospective tenants’ were talking to each other and had discovered that they had both paid a deposit for the same property.

Mostafa ushered the confused ‘tenants’ into a room at the back of the office only to promptly make his exit – leaving his colleague Adam to explain.

Adam told ‘Ben’, ‘Sam’ and ‘Sarah’ that the reason they took two holding deposits for one flat was in case one of the groups failed the credit check. But how about if they both passed the credit check, who would get the flat then?

‘Who knows?’, said Adam.

Eventually Mostafa returned and agreed to refund both holding deposits, which he does within a few days.

But as Lizzie and Claire are still waiting for their refund, the team decided to confront boss Mostafa Shahnavaz during one final flat viewing.

He refused to speak to them and tried to call the police but they never arrived. He continued to avoid answering the questions put forward by the Rogue Traders team and eventually threatened to climb off the balcony, at which point the team decided to leave.

But Lizzie and Claire are still out of pocket.

source : BBC One – Watchdog – Rogue Traders

living in terrible conditions and robbed of deposit and rent

Past landlord George Partou for 1 year and half, in that time I have been forced to live with hole in wall in kitchen for months of insects coming in.

Leeks from roof, hours with no gas and electric due to being on meter and tenants not having money.

Leek in bathroom floor fell in and was dangerous for weeks at any time we could have fell through.

We had mould problems to the point the bathroom covered.

I was forced to stay in room with no lock on few times​ as constant issues with lock.

Freezing of night as timer always set to wrong times.​

I was then moved to another one of his properties where i was mislead not realizing i was above a music studio constant noise and people i don’t know always coming and going.

The place quickly became dirty and infestations happened first flies then​cockroaches and wasps it got so bad i could not sleep.

The freezer used to keep filling​ with ice door wouldn’t shut despite George knowing nothing done my food fawed ​out which is a health risk.

I had the​ shower above my room the shower glass was left lose and moved i regularly had leeks.

The last time it was so bad and my sockets and electrical got socked nothing was done about this and we had to stop using shower and washing on many occasions due to leeks.

I was living with 4 other people despite council being told there were only 4 of us.

He has been in paper before for cheating council so don’t pay for license and we had one toilet between 5 people and people often stayed there in front room.

On one occasion someone who had stayed in front room rent free had been coming on to all female tenants we told George who said he cant sleep there but can visit.

I was told to lie on many occasions about who lived there and keep mouth shut when new tenants and work people came over.

I used to be told what to say and regularly got shouted at for things i had not done.

I was threatened if said anything 2 people viewing my room i would not get money back.

On one occasion out of nowhere he said was turning property in to student house and told me i had to move to another property did not care when​ i was in tears.

I had been told as of all problems i could leave before one month notice only to find i am now told i cant ​have 2 weeks rent​ because he can’t find someone for that room.

George would not put in writing when or if i ​get any money back and I had left handed over key without deposit not knowing if i will receive deposit.

Just received ​email saying i wont receive deposit as caused damage to carpet when he and handy man are both fully aware carpet already damaged.

Best Lettings For You

Believe it or not, there’s a property boom in the UK right now, but it’s for property to let rather than property to buy. Raising a deposit and getting a mortgage has never been tougher, and that’s good news for landlords (and landladies), as their rental properties are in high demand. However, Rogue Traders has discovered one lettings company that has been taking payments from potential tenants, guaranteeing them that the property is theirs, and then keeping the property on the market so they can collect similar payments from others.
Rogue Traders: Best Lettings For You

The company is based near Manchester and is run by property tycoon Brendan Kiely, who owns a number of companies, including Bentley Residential Lettings Ltd.

One prospective tenant, Roxy, saw a house with a sign in the window that said: ‘To Let. £200 and move in.’ Roxy subsequently arranged a viewing with a man named Chris. He showed Roxy around the property and told her that work was going to be done on it. He explained that the £200 would take the property off the market for Roxy and her family. Roxy got the money together and then around a week later happened to walk by the property on the school run and saw a friend of hers viewing it with Chris. Her friend had already signed the papers and had handed over their £200 payment as well.

Chris told Roxy that she had called Bentley Residential Lettings and said she didn’t want the property anymore. Roxy says this is not true, “I was in shock, because I thought I was having this property. I’d paid £200,” Roxy explained. Roxy pursued the company afterward but she found that either her calls were put on hold, weren’t returned or were cut off completely. She never got her money back

We have also spoken to Helen. She also paid £200 to agent Chris to guarantee a property from Bentley Residential Lettings Ltd. The property was damp and needed repairs, but she was told it would be improved for her. Months later, the work still hadn’t been done. While she was waiting for it to be completed, Helen discovered the same property was being advertised again, this time by a different company called ‘Best Lettings For You’, which was also owned by Brendan Kiely.

Helen made an appointment under a different name and went with her mum to the house. She hid in the car and waited for the lettings agent to arrive, and when he did, Helen saw that it was the exact same man, Chris, from Bentleys who had originally shown her around the property. The place was in the same state as her original visit and he even gave the same speech, including the information about damp. Helen explained that Chris then panicked; he then rang back to the head office, where he claims he was told that Helen had not been in contact with Bentleys so they thought she was not interested in the house. Helen maintains this was “a complete lie”.

Donna also viewed a property that was in a bad state, and yet again in return for a £200 payment, Bentley Residential Lettings promised they’d take it off the market and do all the necessary repairs within four weeks. When it came to her moving day Donna explained: “Still no work had been done, walls wet through, damp in kitchen cupboards, mould growing everywhere, plants growing out of the floorboards. I wouldn’t put a dog in a house like this. I wanted my money back, basically.” Donna tried to contact the company, but the man who’d taken her money wouldn’t take her calls.

We wanted to find out more about Brendan Kiely’s companies and what they were up to. However, this time we didn’t invite the traders to a house to secretly film them; instead, Rogue Traders’ undercover stooges were going to theirs.

We lined up three potential renters and sent them in, one after the other. We wanted to establish if the company would take payment off each potential tenant and promise them all the same property. Best Lettings For You was advertising a house to rent in Preston. To secure it, all you had to do is put down £200.

Gemma was the first member of our undercover team to arrive. She was met by two agents from Best Lettings For You. One of them did the talking, the other, Scott, was there throughout so he knew exactly what was being said. Gemma was informed that there were a number of viewings on the property, and was then told that if she was interested in taking tenancy an application would be made and a £200 administration fee taken. When Gemma enquired as to whether the fee secured the property, she was told that it secures it as long as “everything is ok” with her documentation. Gemma then asked if she would get the £200 back if there were any problems with her paperwork, she was told that the £200 is non-refundable. However, she was assured that the only “issues are if people don’t get documentation back in time.”

Gemma also enquired about what would happen if someone else viewed the property that day and liked it. Gemma was told that if somebody did come to view the property and did want it then the agent would have to advise that person that they had somebody going through the process and if everything goes through for her then the property would not be available for them.

Commercial and Fraud lawyer, Mark Weston, assessed the undercover footage and concluded: “That’s quite clear; she’s been told unambiguously that if anybody shows interest they will be told that this lady has put her money down.”

Gemma then hands over her £200 secure in the knowledge that the property is hers; all she has to do is get her paperwork to them in time.

Thirty minutes later, Daniel, our second would-be tenant arrived. However, rather than telling Daniel that there was a viewer who was interested in the property, Scott Marshall, who was present during Gemma’s viewing, told Daniel that there were other viewings on the property but then proceeded to tell him that if he paid the £200 fee then he wouldn’t be putting anybody else’s name down. In fact, Scott says no fewer than six times that he won’t put anyone else’s name down on the property, so a reassured Daniel reached into his pocket for £200.

Just half an hour after Daniel left, our third would-be tenant, Jim, arrived at the door, and was promptly greeted by Scott Marshall. Scott explained that he had two viewings in the morning, and both parties are interested in the property. However, Scott reassured Jim that if he does put the administration fee down, nobody else’s name would go on the property. Jim asked Scott whether anything had been secured so far, to which Scott told Jim “No, not at the moment no”. Mark Weston said: “That is a definite lie. In terms of a fraud, that is a fraudulent misrepresentation. He’s telling him something that’s not true in order to get the £200.”

We needed clarification as to whether we were dealing with one rogue letting agent or whether it was company policy to guarantee a property for more than one person, so they can pocket multiple payments.

A few days later, Jim headed for the company’s offices in Middleton. He explained that he had heard rumours that other people were interested in the same property had put his money down for and that they had also put an application fee down and he wanted to check whether this was the case. He was reassured that the property was secured for him for the seven days while he gets his paperwork in and that if they took £200 from anybody else in that time, it would be “theft”.

Jim then sought more reassurance that the property was his – this time with a manager. She checked for Jim and reassured him that nobody else had put anything down on the property, and the company was simply waiting for Jim’s paperwork.

Lawyer Mark Weston assessed all of Rogue Traders findings: “There’s no shades of grey there, it’s black and white. They were caught in an outright lie, not once, not twice, but three or four times. Legally there’s a whole host of things that’s wrong with that. It certainly seems as if the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 applies.”

Under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, companies cannot do anything misleading with an effect that causes a consumer to do something they wouldn’t otherwise have done. Here, would-be tenants are paying out £200 which they wouldn’t otherwise have done if they knew the truth.

Mark Weston continues: “The second thing and probably more damning is that it is probably an outright fraud. There are a few fraud offences. One of them is called a Fraud by Representation. This means that if you dishonestly say anything that’s untrue with the intent to make a gain, that’s illegal”. However, that is exactly what has been happening – repeatedly.

We wanted to see how Scott would react if he was caught red handed and so our undercover researcher made an appointment to view a property in Burnley with Scott. Again, Scott told Lisa that her name would go down on the property and that if anyone else saw the property he would tell them she had put her name down. Lisa then signed up to the property and handed over her money.

Just 20 minutes after Lisa left, our second prospective tenant, Steve, arrived, and duly received almost exactly the same spiel. However, Lisa, our first undercover researcher then returned, pretending that she had left something behind. Scott seemed desperate to keep the two would-be tenants apart.

Matt Allwright emerged just as it was getting a bit too awkward; Scott refused to speak to him but did return Lisa’s £200 just before he drove off.

Of course, all of this can’t be laid at the door of a single agent. Scott was working for the big boss, Brendan Kiely. Matt was invited to Brendan’s home to have a chat. Brendan denied any wrong-doing. He claimed that anyone who is due a refund and/or have been treated unfairly by Brendan Kiely or any company associated with Kiely could feel free to come to 71-73 Long Street, Middleton and obtain a refund. He also said if anyone considers their property to be in a bad state of repair, write in or telephone and within seven days that property will be put back in good condition.

Brendan Kiely’s since accused us of being biased and unfair and he denies fraud. However, he says the company’s learned valuable lessons. He says while some employees made mistakes due to lack of training, any of those identified as working outside company policies have been removed. He also says the £200 fees – which he claimed were to cover processing costs – have been scrapped, to prevent further cases of abuse.

He’s promised us a £400 refund and says he’s also paid back monies taken in error from others.

source : BBC One – Watchdog – Rogue Traders