This man is a no-good crooked little rat. He seems nice at first but then he sucks you in and you enter into the “world of Erlon” and you become trapped!
He advertises on Gumtree, over 50 council houses all across South London being rented illegally with 8 or more people crammed into 3 and 4 bedroom flats in squalled conditions. He runs a completely illegal operation for another mysterious man by the name of “Mr Vermin” otherwise just simply known as “The Boss”. They are a Brazilian crime gang, doing money laundering, drugs as well as the houses.
He left us for over two weeks with no running water, brings drug dealers to the flats, people coming and going at every hour of the day or night, flat was flooded and water coming in the windows when ever it rained. You call him up but Moura does not care. All he wants is your money and if you do not pay or attempt to leave he will threaten to “send his boys over to rough you up”. This man is a dangerous criminal and a thug and a complete joke. All I want to say is NEVER GO THERE AND DONT EVER TRUST HIM!!! AVOID, AVOID AVOID!!!!!